Our Services

Offering a high-quality tree surgeon service throughout Leeds and the surrounding area, the team at Craggwood Tree Care have become industry-leading experts in the field of arboriculture.

Tree surgeons, or arborists, are professionals in the management of individual trees, shrubs, vines or plants. Our team is a fully trained NPTC work force certified by LANTRA, meaning our team are able to perform our specialist services safely and to the highest of standards.

Our Commitment

At Craggwood, we are passionate about what we do and we are proud of the service we provide to our clients.

We’re committed to helping local residents and businesses maintain healthy trees and create beautiful landscapes. We believe it’s not just our expertise and experience that makes us ideal for the job, but our friendly and professional approach. Combined with our certifications from the appropriate bodies, we have access to modern equipment and machinery, allowing us to tackle your problem from any angle and provide a variety of services. We aim to offer a competitive tree surgeon service in the Leeds area.

Our Specialist Services

Tree Felling

If a certain tree is causing problems, we will make an assessment to determine whether the tree can be safely and accurately removed before felling the tree.

Sectional Tree Dismantling

If straight felling is impractical or not possible, we will take the tree down in sections.

Tree Pruning

Whether it is to maximise sunlight, remove dangerous tree branches or as part of tree care.

Site Clearance

Our expertise and advanced machinery allow us to easily clear a site for building or remodelling.

Hedge Work

We are able to trim or remove hedges as well as plant or rearrange them.

Tree Planting

As part of our sustainable, environmentally friendly approach, we can advise on species selection for new trees.

Stump Grinding

Removing and grinding out stumps, with minimum ground disturbance.

Clean Up

After our job is complete, we take care of the clear up.


We also provide wood suitable for burning acquired from our tree felling services.

If you are based in Leeds or the surrounding area and require tree removal, emergency tree surgery or any other tree work, get in touch today

Becoming sustainable

As experienced tree surgeons, we don’t just fell trees. In addition to all the services on offer above, we provide a high-quality service with extra care for the environment and for safety.

Leeds is becoming a cleaner and more sustainable city and we care heavily about our environmental impact. To help with this and to be more sustainable, we always recommend the replanting of trees once removal work has been completed. We can also advise on which trees are approporiate for you.


As part of our professional service, we will always perform a site-specific risk assessment. This allows us to approach the job in the right way, causing minimal disruption.

We also care a lot about safety. It is of paramount importance to our business, for both our employees and the public. Whilst hard at work, we ensure our procedures are carried out correctly and securely with minimal risk. In the highly unlikely event of an incident, we also carry £5 million of public liability cover.